Remember the two-year-old boy from Indonesia who smoked about 40 cigarettes a day?

His addiction developed because his father gave him his first cigar when he was only a year and a half old.

His name is Ardi Rizal and now 8 years old, he has managed to overcome this terrible addiction to snuff that no person, except a child of that age, should be facing.

It was a difficult path for Ardi, but despite being only a child he had the determination and self-control to stop smoking. Not everything was easy, Ardi began to quit smoking in 2005, unfortunately his addiction and anxiety were present all day. The only way he found to solve this anxiety was with food. His anxiety was so great, that he consumed up to 3 cans of condensed milk A DAY.

Ardi gained a lot of weight, he was not happy about it, but his willpower and determination paid off. He lost his tobacco addiction, controlled his anxiety and lost weight in a very short time.

With the help of the Indonesian government and the support of his parents, Ardi managed to quit tobacco addiction and food. Little by little he has returned to being a normal child and that child who smoked cigarettes all day is only a thing of the past.

The world was enraged when he learned that a 2-year-old boy in Indonesia smoked 40 cigarettes daily. The pressure exerted on the Indonesian government was so great that its tobacco consumption regulations changed forever. Before the consumption audience was more free and after Ardi everything changed.

Since then Ardi is a child to the fullest extent of the word. His addiction has disappeared, his weight is under control and he already plays and goes out to have fun with other children his age. He concentrates his anxiety and efforts in school and that makes us very happy.

How would you have reacted if you saw your 2 year old brother smoking? Do you think they should have punished the father? Tell us in the comments.

Source : Videochaska.