We all have witnessed the borders of all the countries which are connected to each other but are divide with borders and if they didn’t have any trust issues in their heart for other countries we would have passed the border just by walking there. Here you will see international borders that look so amazing that you do need any passport to travel there and they are so close to each other that we can even wave or shake hands with Mexico people from the USA.

USA – Mexico

This USA and Mexico border is one of the coolest borders in the world where people can meet and greet others and also it seems like they can even play volleyball there.

Norway – Sweden

This is one of the coolest borders where you will see the forest are covering the area but with a single border trail parting the countries. The right side is Norway and the left side is Sweden which is over 1000 miles long.

Netherlands – Belgium

This border is situated inside the town of Netherlands and Belgium. This border ends into a bar where both countries people enter into the bar with so much peace and unity.

Poland – Ukraine

This giant fish that represents both countries representing unity. This unique design was created by Polish artist Jaroslaw Koziara as part of the land art festival.

Spain – Portugal

This is something we haven’t expected but this ziplining from Spain and Portugal just take the trip to a whole new level and this trip can be little less than halfway long that can be the most exciting experience to travel.


These three countries look united but they are divided by this two rivers which are respectively named as the Parana and Iguazu rivers which held the triple borders of the countries.


This tripoint between these three countries is located near the river and it gives us so much happiness to see this border that represents unity and peace between this countries.

Source: Bloggersarena