Do you often worry when cooking or attempting to do something messy that your white top is really going to suffer? Or do you prefer to drink water so that you don’t end up ruining your favourite clothes? If this seems to apply to you, then you might actually be classed as intelligent according to a scientific explanation!

But the real question is, what is the connection between intelligence and stained clothes? Now that’s something that got you thinking!

We have the answer to why you can’t seem to eat without staining your clothes. Read on to find out.

Sometimes we feel like we’re kids again because of the amount of times we end up changing our clothes after staining them with the odd splash of coke and dollop of ketchup. No matter how careful we think we are, we fail to escape from the inevitable stains that creep up without an invite!

Wedding Dresses Are Not an Exception

I can confirm to you that if you manage to stain your wedding dress which is meant to be one of the most special outfits in your life, then there is one thing for definite; you’ll never be able to keep away from stains from the rest of your life.

So what is the reason behind this you my wonder?

The Scientific Explanation Behind This

Even if many think you are being clumsy, science has proven that your klutzy habits are one of the symptoms of your intelligence. So this explains why you may stain your clothes. At least the reason behind this is positive!

Intelligent people use their brains differently. For example, when you raise a glass to your mouth, your brain enters a calculation mode where it will estimate how heavy that glass will be and how you should hold it, and how fast you can get it to your mouth without spilling it onto yourself. Those that are intelligent have other things to think about than how the glass will reach their lips and that’s why they spill more often.

The author Steve Johnson says: “The more unorganized your brain is, the more intelligent you are.” So you’re not just clumsy, your brain just prefers to deal with more important things than your next drink.

Although this can be really annoying, in terms of more laundry and having to constantly change your clothes, it is an indicator that you are intelligent which can’t be so bad after all!

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Source : Viralhatch