Don’t be subjective when thinking that you can take a bath in everytime, because you can totally suffer the negative effects from this routine.

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After 9 p.m, the body temperature drops, so bathing at that time can cause you have a cold, suffer from the stroke or even pass away…In addition, some points in time you should avoid taking bath, otherwise the unexpected consequences will happen to you.

Taking bath immediately right after exercising:

As soon as finishing the hard-working training, your body will produce a lot of sweat, so you just want to go to bathroom to relax youself under the cold water. However, that is accidentally harmful to your health, especial to your heart and brain. It can easily cause many symptoms such as heart attack, anemia in brain, dizziness, fainting…Therefore, after exercising, you had better sit to relax in 30-45 minutes, then taking bath. Doing it daily can ensure your health better.

Taking bath when being hungry and right after being full:

Bathing in the full of food state can dilate blood vessels, reduce the blood volume, which makes the process of digestion and absorption into the body worse. Moreover, for the people having the bath routine when being hungry, they are putting themselves in the risk of hypoglycemia or stroke.

Taking bath when being the poor health condition:

The people having a high fever up to 39-40 degree Celsius should avoid bathing, cause it may be a reason of the sudden death. When you are too weak, taking bath can not help you relax, in the other hand your health will be worse, especial who have the bath routine by the cold water.

On the contrary, the people having the chronic problem with hypertension should be careful when the blood pressure rises then drops uncontrollably. Because when taking bath, the blood vessels will be stretched, the patients with low blood pressure will easily have anemia in brain and be passed away right that time.

Taking bath right after drinking alcohol:

Drinking alcohol may cause many negative effect on the operation of liver, even prevents the process of glycogen release in the liver. Therefore, if you take bath right after drinking alcohol, you have the high risk of hypoglycemia and suffer from the deep lethargy. In mild cases, you will be dizzy, then your hands and feet will suddenly weaker.

Source: Feedy heathy