Studies said that there is an animal in this picture but only 1% of people can find it. Can you find it? 

Are you ready for a fun challenge?

According to a study, only 1% of people can see the animal hidden in the image below. This hypnotic image has been shared online but a lot of people: But can you spot the animal in the optical illusion?

Here is the image:

Can you see it?

Look again! Here is the shrunken image

Don´t get dizzy! You can step back from the image and look again!

So did you see the hidden panda in the picture? This optical illusion was created by Russian artist Ilja Klemencov to raise awareness about the endangered giant panda. As you may have seen, the image reveals the World Wide Fund for Nature´s (WWF) panda logo.

“While its numbers are slowly increasing, the giant panda remains one of the rarest and most endangered bears in the world,” WWF explained.

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Source: viralhatch