There is a vast difference between an older woman and younger woman and to think about why men find older woman irresistible is something we need to explain. Here are 7 reasons why older woman are so different from others and why men fall in love with them while there are many young women who are waiting for a man in life. Well, after reading this we are sure many would get the answer that why many women are single in life.

They Know What They Want

An older woman has strong ideas and bigger goals and they will put all their energy on their work to achieve something big while a younger woman is just into improving their own dramatic life. Men love it when a woman is more passionate about their career rather than relationship and their drama that comes with it.

They Know More About Life

An older woman has more experience in life, relationship, dating etc, which makes men know more about them and their real life. Men think that older woman have a high level of maturity and they view man in a way that they cannot see himself which motivates men to achieve their goal in life.

They Have Different Motto

A relationship with an older woman gives you the opportunity to explore things in life that you haven’t experienced. They understand your feelings at a deep level where you don’t have to guess around what she is thinking.

Confident And Independent

Young women are so dependent on others that men feel they are just under their shell seeking for attention and approval where for an older woman she is comfortable in her own skin vice versa she doesn’t need anyone’s approval on her life. She carries herself with confidence and poise that men finds irresistible to focus on anything rather than them.

They Are Different

Men love the idea of calmness that the older woman has while a younger woman is reckless in life. A lot of young men prefer a more peaceful lifestyle with a woman that has a relaxed nature. An older woman is different as their hobbies include gardening, painting, crafting and spending a night at a chill place.


Their experience of life makes them more matured and they understand the world on a deeper level. People get to learn many things from them as they are very smart and you will be able to maintain a deep conversation with them on any topic. They have their own opinion on life and their advice is worth hearing.

Financially Stable

A young woman is still into establishing something in life that they get dependent on others but the older woman has already achieved and crossed that phase that men feel them financially stable. An older woman can take care of themselves, they are not dependent on others as well as they pay their own bills.

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