One of the main duties of police officers is to focus on protecting people. They protect the lives and property of citizens. Police officers are usually responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating illegal activities.

People expect that all police officers are strong. As they are the ones who maintain order and catch lawbreakers. But it’s not every time that these police officers get to be tough around others. Just recently, the Facebook page “BuhayLespu” uploaded a video showing that police officers can also feel fear.

On the video, it can be seen how a police officer is seated down on a chair as a nurse were there to take his blood sample. Other officers were in the line, ready to be next after him. But as the nurse prepared the things to use for getting the sample. The police officer looked scared for he kept on closing his eyes.

All the other police officers kept on laughing at him for being scared. Even the female nurse laughed because of the police officer’s reaction. When the nurse was holding his arm and cleaning the part that is going to be injected, the police officer already showed that he was feeling pain.

When the real deal happened and the nurse already injected him, the police officer couldn’t control his emotions. He looked like he doesn’t know what to do anymore. His leg moved up like he was about to run away from the scene. He couldn’t stay still and kept on shaking his leg.

Nevertheless, the nurse still successfully got the blood sample from the officer. But now that other people saw him react to the injection, one thing is for sure… “scared of needles” will be the police officer’s identifier.

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Source: Tnpmedia.