Oftentimes, there are certain students who cannot afford to go to school. Although there are schools which offer free education to the less fortunate, the daily expenses and other fees imposed by the school still requires a student to pay a certain amount. Because of this, there are students who simply give up on going to school and just work at a young age to help their families.

Well, in the case of this child featured in a touching video that has circulated on Facebook, what he did was to work and study at the same time.

We are talking about this video uploaded by the Facebook page, Entertainment Baba. In the video, it was first seen that a certain student was late during his first day at school. As attendance is very important to teachers and tardiness is not tolerated, the teacher gave the student a punishment of hitting his hand with a stick.

However, the following day, the student was still late to class and he received the same punishment. On their third day, the student still had the same record.

When the fourth day came, the teacher was seen having his early morning run in the neighborhood. He saw a familiar face delivering newspapers to establishments and houses. It turns out that it was his student who was always late in coming to class.

When it was time for their class, the student was once again late in coming in. But, this time, the teacher no longer punished him. Instead, he hugged him tightly.

It was his way of saying he is so proud of his student for having the perseverance to continue studying despite the struggles he has to go through.

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Source: Trendszilla