Love is stereotyped and judged by the world. Only fairy tales are meant to be real love according to the world, but people in love, don’t care about it. They believe in love alone, and that is enough to prove to the world that love wins over, always. This story is about a teacher from Indonesia who fell for a 13-year-old student and married her after 7 years despite the 14-year gap.

Indonesian couple

The Indonesian couple, Erwin and Vinda, were in love with each other since Vinda was a student, but that didn’t keep them away from each other. As the quote goes, “Love is Blind” it describes this relationship well. Vinda fell fro her teacher and made efforts to get his attention.

Her Efforts

She used to stay after classes and ask him questions. All she wanted was to get his attention. She was already head over heels for him and this is why she made all the efforts. Well, it was worth it!

The charm of the school

Ervin, on the other hand, was the charm of the whole school and all the girls used to crush on him, including Vinda. And true love is really powerful, which is why he noticed Vinda’s efforts and fell for her.

7 Years long wait

He started liking her more than a student, he saw a life partner in her. He wanted the relationship to flourish and so after 7 long years of the wait, he finally married his student who just turned 20.

Unpredictable love…

It is a taboo to think of a teacher-student relationship to evolve into a husband-wife relationship. But this couple proves that love is unpredictable.

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