People can be very desperate for attention and let’s face it; many of us have been there. Some of us probably did something stupid that we later regret very much and struggle to delete from our social media as well as memory. But these girls are taking it to a whole new level.

No, actually, we’ve probably seen worse. We’ve seen women going through tens of surgical procedures that turn their face into the old The Sims. This time they want to focus on their lips and to be honest, it is very hard not to be distracted by the sights. They dub it as the ‘porn star lip fillers’. But pretty sure that pornstars don’t have their lip filler done like this. But they didn’t get these lips without sacrifice.

They went through horrific pain and are unable to eat or drink properly for days. Some were showing heavy allergic reactions and were close to getting an anaphylactic shock. They start to swell and let’s just say it’s not a sight you want to be imprinted in your brain.

Women have shared selfies of their new trout pouts

The new pouts have been dubbed ‘porn star lip fillers’

The pictures highlight how going under the needle may led to unwanted results

Sally Roberts warned people of the dangers of cosmetic surgery when she shared video of liquid oozing out of her swollen mouth.

The mother said she had 1ml of dermal filler injected at a “reputable salon” in a bid to plump her pout.

“They were fine initially and I was happy with the result,” she wrote on Facebook .

‘P**n star lips’ are said to be becoming more and more popular

The odd snaps have taken the internet by storm

“But by the following morning they had swelled to the point I couldn’t eat, drink or talk properly and was in absolute agony.”

As her mouth continued to swell Ms Roberts said she contacted her GP who told her to go straight to A&E because she was at risk of going into anaphylactic shock.

“It is now thought I’ve had a severe allergic reaction to the filler and acquired a nasty infection,” she wrote.

People splash out thousands on the procedures

“After being in excruciating pain for days with rock hard, cracked, peeling, leaking lips, I am now on the mend thankgod… I’m on steroids, antibiotics, anti inflammatories, anti histamines and strong pain relief.

“If I hadn’t have improved by today I was going to have to stay in hospital and go on a drip.

“But luckily the meds have started working and my lips have gone down in size, but still nowhere near ‘normal looking’.”

Source: Mirror