1. Not saying what we want.

You probably fill him in on your food preferences, movie preferences, and preferences about any other variable out there, so…

2. Pretending like we don’t have feelings when we do.

Sometimes we sleep with people who we don’t want to fall for, but if the potential is there, we’re already playing with fire.

3. Faking orgasms.

If you’re really just ready for it to be over say so. Faking it reinforces the wrong moves and essentially it’s a form of lying…that can come back to haunt you big time.

4. Being overly shy.

We’re all adults here, so there’s no reason you should be hesitating to try something new in bed if you’re into it.

5. Thinking too much.

Don’t wait until you’re horizontal to start overanalyzing the state of your relationship. Distracted minds do not make for great orgasms, ladies.

6. Pretending to be more experienced than we are.

Sometimes, in an effort to be sexy, a lady will do her best sex star impression… and give away her inexperience with it. It’s way more appealing to be honest. If you haven’t tried something before, he’ll be happy to teach you all about it.

7. Imparting meaning where it doesn’t need to be.

Just because he did something new with his tongue doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you.

8. Not initiating sex.

Every guy will appreciate a sexual approach, and if he’s not in the mood then who cares.

9. Worrying about how we look.

When you’re naked in front of him he is not noticing that your mascara is smudged or that you gained a pound since the last time you two had sex.

10. Being bored.

Good sex is impossible to be boring, so if you’re bored it’s time to take things into your hands and shake things up until you’re not bored anymore.

Source : Cuterelations.