Out of the millions of events that took place around the world in 2017, one of the funniest and most entertaining was the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The competition promotes wildlife conservation, animal welfare, and all-around cuteness.

Over 3,500 entries from multiple countries were submitted for the contest, which marked its third year of hilarious and adorable photo ops of animals. A team of experts chose only 14 winning images, with the grand prize winner earning a trip to Kenya for a week-long safari. Here are the shots that made the winning cut for 2017!

1. “The Laughing Dormouse” by Andrea Zampatti

This mouse who can’t stop cracking up won the “On The Land” category. It was shot in Italy.

2. “Slap” by Troy Mayne

Check out the look on the face of this sea turtle with sea rage. Smack!

3. “All Dressed Up And Ready For Church” by Carl Henry

They always dress formally too!

4. “Animal Encounters” by Jean Jacques Alcalay

There’s always that one guy who thinks he’s above everyone else in the pack.

5. “Monkey-Escape” by Katy Leveck-Foster

Hit the gas!

6. “Cheering Sea Otter” by Penny Palmer

Who’s with me?! Now throw your hands up!

7. “Hitching A Ride” by Daisy Gilardini

Doesn’t everyone’s kids catch a ride in this position?

8. “Mudskippers Got Talent” by Daniel Trim

Two-part fish harmony: “Hello. . . .Hello. . . .”

9. “Must Have Three-Putted” by Douglas Croft

When you gotta go, make sure it’s a hole in one.

10. “Caught In The Act” by Bence Mate

Just when you think you’re alone. . .

11. “Eh, What’s Up Doc?” by Olivier Colle

“Don’t tell anyone I took this, okay?”

12. “WTF” by George Cathcart

What he said. Though we didn’t know sea lions had potty mouths.

13. “Duck Speed” by John Threlfall

Betcha you’ve never seen a duck with turbo boost before! This photo won the “In the Air” category.

14. “Help” by Tibor Kercz

This owl who lost his balance and tried to recover with the non-help of his indifferent friends was the overall winner of the competition. Something tells us these owls must be used to their buddy’s antics.

Amazing timing and talent helped to capture these wonderful shots of nature in all of her glory. To see some of the other funny finalists for 2017’s contest, head on over to the website for The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

What do you think of these funny animal photos? Have you ever captured a shot of wildlife like these? Which is your favorite?

Source: Tiphero