Looking for a way to instantly glamourize your home? And would you like to achieve this without simultaneously burning a huge gaping hole through your wallet? Well, instead of waiting to be chosen as the lucky recipients to a home makeover by some absurd reality TV show, why not take matters into your own hands? And it doesn’t even matter if you aren’t the most, to put it delicately, ‘aesthetically-gifted.’ Even if you’re as lost and confused when it comes to interior designing as an Amish person would be trying to boot a computer, we’ve got a lovely solution for all your home décor needs – houseplants!

Nothing achieves muted elegance and the cozy, inviting feeling of home as well as potted plants do. They’re lush and beautiful, and instantly liven up any room, regardless of how drab it may be. Granted, Mother Nature (and your local plant nursery) offers so many different varieties of shrubs and flowers to pick from that it can be a tad overwhelming to make a decision of what goes where.

Well, if you’ve been facing this dilemma, here’s some good news! We at StyleCraze have compiled a list of the best houseplants for each of your rooms. You can choose from any of our 3 options that have strategically been picked not only for the aesthetics they could offer that particular spot in your house, but also for the unique benefits they could provide in accordance to the needs of that room.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on!

1. The Bathroom Or Powder Room

Chinese evergreens: These pink-hued leaves are absolutely beautiful and are particularly striking against a white or teal blue background. Additionally, they can absorb formaldehyde (read: ingredient found in most cosmetics) from the air. The ideal place for this plant is adjacent to one’s shower.

European ivy: Another striking plant that happens to clear the air of carbon dioxide much more efficiently than any other houseplant.

Lady palm trees: These may be on the slightly taller side, so they may not be a great idea if you have a tiny bathroom. However, they’re a great addition because they’re known for clearing the air by absorbing any ammonia – an extremely useful trait considering the amount of detergents and other chemicals we expose our bathrooms to.

Spathiphyllum: Delicate-looking and tremendously elegant, these can effectively absorb home and industrial toxins such as benzol, acetone (read: chemical found in nail polish removers), and ammonia. This is an especially useful plant to have when you’ve just renovated your home as the air is flooded with toxic chemicals.

Sansevieria trifasciata: This cheerful plant can really be played with in terms of aesthetics by your choice of pot. Also, they’re known for clearing the air of harmful toxins and replacing them with clean oxygen, which has been shown to improve an individual’s sleep quality.

Phalaenopsis: This plant comes with beautiful flowers! It also clears any toluene found in the air and replaces it with oxygen.

3. The Baby’s Room

Hibiscus: These gorgeous flowers help to create a very favorable microclimate in the baby’s room by emitting ‘phytoncides,’ which make the surrounding air cleaner and healthier. Additionally, other plants grow even better when they are placed next to hibiscus.

Coffea: This natural filter clears the air of phenol, benzol, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

Cyclamen: These pretty red blooms can help one fight conditions such as irritability, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and depression.

4. The Living Room Or Lounge Area

Chlorophytum: This is a great potted plant to place on bookshelves and the like. It also filters out formaldehyde (read: derived from tobacco smoke and car emissions) from the air.

Chlorophytum: This is a great potted plant to place on bookshelves and the like. It also filters out formaldehyde (read: derived from tobacco smoke and car emissions) from the air.

Benjamin fig: A very pretty shrub, it clears the surrounding air of phenol, benzol, and trichloroethylene (read: found in glue, carpet detergents, and several other things).

5. The Kitchen

Stephanotis floribunda: These beautiful white flowers are a darling sight in any kitchen! They filter the kitchen air and keep it healthy, and their flowers are in bloom all year long – so, one can’t ask for a better kitchen plant!

Aloe: This spiky green plant goes very well with an industrial-style kitchen. It also clears the kitchen air of formaldehyde and benzol (read: ingredient in detergents).

Saintpaulia’s: The greatest advantage of this quirky looking plant is that it can successfully banish away any ants from your kitchen!

We hope that shopping for potted plants and flowers won’t seem like such a daunting task anymore. Do you have any plants back at home? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Source : Stylecraze