The girl kept complaining until her parents were stunned to learn the behind reason for their daughter’s headache.

Chinese social media have shared a story about a 7-year-old girl, who repeatedly told her parents that she had a headache.

But when the parents visit the doctor to check her health, the doctor announced that she is normal.

But the daughter keeps telling that she had a headache. Her parents suspected that their doctor had missed something and did not trust the medical examination result.

They sent her to go to another doctor. The results of the examination did not change, she did not have any disease.

A doctor talked to her to find out about this strange disease. After getting her trust, the daughter did not hesitate to share with the doctor that she was not sick, she did that because … she did not see her parents for a long time.

She faked her headache so that her parent would care more about her.

This doctor reported the cause of the strange disease to his parents. Her parents are quite stunned and blame themselves spending too little time to take care of their children.

Their work is quite busy, they often have to work overtime and they return home when she is asleep.

She wants to have more time for her parents and wants to see her parents more so she pretends to be sick.

When her parents heard the story, they cried so much and apologized to her little daughter for ignoring her for a long time.

The story has received many different opinions, many parents have to self-review themselves because the social circle making them gradually away from the children, is one of the reasons for the family is not happy. Fortunately, in this story, the parents have discovered the cause early. If not, their daughter might suffer from autism in the future.

Source : Feedtv