A new organization, Duvet days is seeking to support victims of domestic violence and rape by making a beautiful series of illustrations that aim to raise awareness and promote the self-esteem of women. These illustrations comprehensively talk about the menstrual cycle of women by phases, the menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal phase.

Jenna Wiehe, a victim of sexual and domestic abuse is the founder of the organization that addresses all brave women who have gone through the same experiences. While sharing her story, Jenna shows that these actions are abusive but they do not define who we are; instead, they are better left where they should be, in our history.

The organization uses explanatory illustrations to depict the female anatomy in its total naturalness and through a creative design operation and other feminine organs of the body of women. Through this, they help women understand the beauty of their own bodies which will help them overcome the possible psychological and physical traumas of sexual and domestic abuse.

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