Pets are close friends of the people. They help to reduce stress, play with children.

It is common for dogs, cats or birds to be friends of people. However, nothing is impossible. A family keeps a monkey in the house as a pet. Everyone knows that monkeys are intelligent animals, human-like and they are usually kept in circuses. Then how to raise monkeys in the house?

Recently, a video was posted that attracted millions of views. In the video, the monkey was helping the master wash dishes. The action of this monkey is very skillful and humorous which makes the viewers were surprised, excited. Not to wash the bowl, the monkey also know how to fold the dishes neatly and rinse with water.

Everyone also admired this hard monkey
The smart monkey sat on sink to wash dishes
Although small body, monkey wash very big bowl
Lovely pictures were recorded by the owner
A tank full of water and a cute monkey
The owner also helped monkey

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