Today, in modern life, there are many fun and many different games for children. Children can spend days and hours playing video games or TV shows and computers. They gradually narrow themselves and don’t communicate with others. People gradually forget that the natural environment is good for children to grow. There are many interesting and good things for children. Do you have a backyard garden? Why don’t you use it?

Building a house with willow trees is simple, and not difficult to do. Your child will have a playful and fresh space. You do not need to worry that they are affected by the sun. Moreover, it is also a place where you can sit and read and relax after hard working days. Let’s work together immediately.

In order to create a beautiful space for your children to play, you need to prepare some necessary tools:

  • Living Willow Whips – Salix Viminalis variety – 6’, 7’, 8’ or 9’ lengths
  • Strong garden string
  • Spade or garden fork
  • Weed matting (optional)
  • Play Bark (optional)

1.You need to find the best location for your home, mark the important points to plug willow trees,some string or sand.

2. Salix Viminalis or other Viminalis species are generally recommended as they are quick growing, hardy and ideal for living willow dens.

3. You need to create a solid frame for your home by choosing the 6 most sturdy willows that make up the dome.

4. You use wires or cables to tie them up so that your home is more secure.

5. Stems should be planted about 10cm into the ground.

Very simple, right? Just take some time to prepare the tools and make you create a beautiful house like the houses in fairy tales. Your children will love it. They will spend more time playing outside. This is an ideal way to bring family members together. Good luck!