Nowadays, it seems that people find it quite hard to save money.

Its as if that earning is just as hard as saving because there are many temptations especially when it comes to food. Sure, it is a must to eat but the delicious kinds of food often costs higher than the average price.

So, if you are on a tight budget and is trying too hard to keep yourself away from spending too much money on unnecessary gluttony, this may be the solution you are looking for!

What we are talking about is this viral video uploaded by the Facebook page Panlasang Pinoy Recipes, the said page captioned the post by saying “Tip101.111.00 hehehe #tipid tips.”

The first scene on the video features rice on a plate along with spoon and fork which signals for a meal. However, there is one thing that is quite unusual. The viand shown is virtual. On the plate is a phone which shows a photo of a home cooked dish.

Moments later, the person whose face was not shown in the video started to eat the rice just imagining that it was eaten with the virtual viand. To make it more appetizing, the ones who planned to take the video even had variations to their virtual viand which can be achieved by swiping the phone from left to right.

Meanwhile, many netizens find the video funny and amusing at the same time that it instantly became a viral hit.

Well, what about you? Are you also willing to take on this virtual viand challenge?

See the full video here;

Source : Trendszilla