Do you imagine a cat as big as a dog? Or a dog as big as a horse? The animal world always has something to explore.

We will surprise everyone with some listed huge animals below:

“This ridiculously massive doggo we spotted on the subway.”

“This is me and my 8-month-old Flemish Giant baby rabbit named Cinderella ♥️. She’s still growing.”

No, it isn’t a bear cub, it’s a Newfoundland pup.

Another Newfoundland pup, still growing:

“Met a hefty 225 pound malamute yesterday! Giant is an understatement.”

Isn’t this piggy cute?

Monterey Jack, is that you?

“I’m in awe of the size of this rabbit. It’s an absolute giant.”

A Golden Retriever puppy

“It’s a Tibetan Mastiff puppy. He’s only 6 months old.”

A Saint Bernard pup

“Waiting for his breakfast…”

This battle-tested beast of a ram:

“This cat doesn’t need to jump up on the table, she can eat all the food just like that.”

This turtle is an ancient giant.

This is the fish of my dreams.

“This Flemish Giant rabbit is as big as an adult Husky dog.”

This perfect Maine Coon:

Meet Wendy, the Incredible Hulk of Whippets.

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Source: Brightside