Parents love an industrious kid, right? They always want their children to do household chores not only because it will help them but it also teaches the value of being diligent and hardworking. However, they must make sure that their children are not just industrious but also wise and equipped with common sense.

This could applicable to a recent viral video of a kid who looks industrious until netizens realized what he was actually doing.

In the viral video, a kid was seen washing something with soap on the sink. At first, it looks like the kid is helping her parents in the household chores as he was happily washing and scrubbing something.

Apparently, that “something” is not a plate, mug, or any silverware. It was actually some fresh uncooked fish.

The child was soaking his sponge into water mixed with soap. After that, the child scrubbed it to the fish to make sure their possible dinner is clean. He even washed and rinsed it with water from the faucet.

Some netizens thought the video of the kid washing the fish was funny and he had a surplus of being such an industrious kid to his parents.

“Sipag talaga ng anak mo sweetheart,” netizen Jill Chilagan Ngayaan told to the poster Faye Gayyaman, who is apparently the mother of the child.

“Baka tinotbras pa bunganga ng isda,” another netizen Egho Duh Thank said.

“Diba mas magaling ang bata mag linis ng isda tanggal talaga ang lansa,” Jennylyn Delos Reyes said.

“Sipag kaya lng bka lasang sabon ndin ung isda,” Margielyn Olermo Lopez said.

“ Nasobrahan sa sipag si baby,” Ross Bel Limpin Baluo said.

Some netizens, however, were not happy with the video. They said that with the current economic situation of the country, it’s not funny to waste food for laughs, likes, and shares. They said that we should be more valuable of the food that we are bringing to our home.But for those who thought this was funny, there is no need to be serious about the video since it lightens up some mood for some people.

The video has more than 54,000 views and 764 shares on Facebook in just a week.

What do you think of the video? Do you think it’s funny that the baby was washing the fish with soap or do you think this is a waste of food? Tell us in the comments section below and let’s discuss about it!

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Source: Trendyfeed.