Pascal Campion used his pen to paint the life of Provence as a child. He studied art in Strasbourg and Boston and worked in Honolulu, Hawaii. Later, he has a happy family with his wife and three beautiful children Lily, Max and Colin.

It was the loved ones in the family that gave him endless inspiration. These are simple ideas for artists to share through their work.

We discovered the art of Pascal and invited you to enjoy them.

Being hugged after a hard day

Stretching oneself in the morning

Watching the leaves fall

Having fun

Taking sunbaths

Stopping to look around

Tidying up together

Keeping the romance burning

Giving unexpected cuddle attacks

Holding hands

Forgetting everything when you’re together

Being engrossed in a good book with a cup of strong coffee

Hiking until you feel a pleasant tiredness in your legs

Being alone with yourself

Making a dance floor out of the living room

Luxuriating in the bath

Listening to the sound of rain together

Spontaneous manifestations of love are the most genuine ones.

Rejoicing at miracles

Seeing the beauty of every day…

…and every night…

…and enjoying the moment at any age.

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Source: Brightside