After the collision, although could walk normally but the man pretended to be unconscious when he saw someone else coming.

The ironic accident occurred in Anhui (China). The dash camera recorded the scene of the man driving the motorcycle from the road to the large lane, due to distraction that made him collide with the car moving from the right direction. The accident caused the car to crashed into the sidewalk and overturned.

The man collided with the car but still could get up and walked

The thing is, the man who drove the motorbike was only lightly scratched and could stand up and walk normally after the crash, but the man pretended to be out of control when he saw the tricycle upcoming by walking back to the accident place and fell by himself.

However he quickly came back to his place to pretend to be serious injured victim

“The man thinks he can do that to get compensation and not be responsible for the accident,” said local government representative Meng Zhenhan.

Such a professional actor

Fortunately, men who drive motorbikes and car drivers are not seriously injured, and they deal with the incident without police intervention.

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Source : Feedytv