The hair on the nose and the ears have been a debatable subject for decades in our beauty culture, and many prefer regularly plucking or shaving it to have a cleaner and neat look. The purpose of having hair in the nostrils and our ears is to protect our bodies from inhaling something harmful into our bodies. But the newest trend on Instagram has left us confused, with people actually getting nostril hair extensions attached to flaunt hair on their nostrils.

We still don’t know what to think of it, whether to love or hate it, what do you think?

One of the initiators to this was Instagram user Gretchen Chen, who definitely has a peculiar personality herself as we observe her Instagram feed. Many followed Gret Chen’s lead and embraced this trend flaunting their long nostril hair extensions.

Soon the #nosehairextension has become a rage on Instagram with several beauty bloggers posting selfies with their own versions of extensions.

Over the years, the internet has witnessed many bizarre beauty trends and hacks, we must say, this one has just taken the cake. It gives an impression like there are spider legs coming out of one’s nose.

We would obviously advise against trying this yourself at home as the glue for nostril hair extensions can be harmful to your nose.

Famous YouTube and Instagram Influencer Taylor R gave it a try and posted about it on her social media pages with a caption saying, “I Tried the Nose Hair Extension trend so that you don’t have to. (See the full video on my YouTube channel) #nosehairextensions”

Would you want to flaunt your nose hair? let us know in the comments.

Source: Noonecares