Stop to judge somebody at the first sight. Maybe they have not many properties, but they are rich of love human.

The video recording the scene of an poor old man with meaningful words has recently gone viral on social network. Many netizens expressed the sympathy to the old man and the poor in the last video.

This video is actually belong to the volunteering project of one man. He doesn’t help by the normal way, but also knows how to spread his kindness to the community.
Seeing the man still having many bunches of banana, the strange man suddenly stopped at and asked him.
“How much does a bunch of banana?”,”How’s work, uncle?”, “There’s no work! Then how’re you making a living?”
After questioning about the poor old man’s life, he wanted to buy all of bunches that man was having.
That man started to count exactly how many bunches he was having “It’s total 12 or 13 dozens”. He immediately gave that man money which was relevant 16 dozens.
That man was very grateful and said that “Son, I work hard to make a living, I don’t beg for living”, which made everyone shame.
Thanks to kind young man, the old could come back home sooner than normal.
After that the young man gave all bunches of banana to the poor sitting on the corner of the street near his home.

There are many poor people in society, but if you were this man, would be you willing to help them like this?

Watching video: