Your habits are influenced by your personality, and the way you shape your nails when you file them says a lot about the kind of person you are and the type of partner you will be.

There is a lot you can learn about a person by looking at their habits, no matter how small. The way you trim your fingernails can reveal a lot about the kind of personality you have, and you’ll be surprised to know that the way you go about your nail hygiene is an indicator of your deeper qualities and preferences.

1. Almond-shaped Nails

If you’ve got almond-shaped nails, then you’re an easy going person. You’re pretty relaxed and rarely get upset about anything. Even when things don’t seem to be going your way, you have a good spirit about you and manage to keep your head up.

You’re pretty calm and patient when it comes to dealing with difficult people, and this makes you a great arbiter. You tend to be objective and fair, and these are the skills that often help you be a good leader, in the rare event that you are willing to take on leadership.

The only time you seem nervous or worried is when you start dating. You sometimes feel tongue-tied around people you find attractive, but once you overcome your timidity, you can be an affectionate and loving partner, able to satisfy your partner’s emotional needs.

2. Square Nails

If your nails are square, then you tend to be grounded as an individual, deeply in touch with your roots. You are quite pragmatic and practical and are able to make the most of what you’ve got, thriving in any situation you find yourself in, no matter how adverse.

You are careful with money and spend it wisely, saving most of what you get for a rainy day. You are also quick-witted, able to come up with hilarious quips in an instant. Your humor wins you many friends, though you may sometimes hurt sentiments with a mean joke.

When it comes to love, you often stay in love with a single person for a long time. This either means that you have stable long-term relationships or that you experience the loneliness of unrequited love until you find someone willing to return your affections.

3. Rounded Nails

If your nails are rounded, then you have a sunny disposition, with a bright and cheery personality. You always look on the bright side of life, and you don’t let troubles get you down easily. However, when you do feel great pain, you continue smiling and spreading joy to others, even if it means holding back your tears.

You have an open mind and are willing to learn about new things eagerly. Instead of jumping to conclusions, you like to listen to other people’s perspectives on a matter before arriving at a judgment or a conclusion. You exercise independence in thought and action and maintain your individuality at all times.

You tend to be unlucky in love, often attracting people who try to dim the bright light in your eyes. You may find it hard to trust people because of how many times you’ve been hurt, but that’s when you find your true love, someone willing to love you wholeheartedly and accept you completely.

4. Stiletto Nails

If your nails are rather pointed, then you’re a creative person with a gentle spirit. You come across as dreamy and almost ethereal, but you are very keenly aware of your surroundings and have a fairly good judgment of people’s character, making it hard for them to deceive you.

You are in tune with your emotions and with the emotions of others and are deeply empathetic. You care for people in their times of need and are willing to extend a helping hand to them. Your altruism may go unnoticed, however, and you may often feel like people take your kindness for granted.

In love, you attract people who you connect with on a deeper, emotional level. You may sometimes have turbulent relationships because of the role your emotions play in them, but you manage to allow your empathetic side to take over to reach a mutual understanding.

Source: Daily