This short film is about motherhood that every child should watch

Parent have different ways to show love to their children. They maybe insensitive to your feelings, your thought and your strange behaviors. Your dad forgot your birthday, so that big day passed just like every other days. Your mom sometimes ignores why you acted strangely or had extraordinary manners. Not only does she spend time on asking you to firgure out problem, but she yells at you.

When you was a child or still immature, you must have had the moment when you hated your parent so much. You cried and cried and could not understand why they could be that irresponsible, could be that cold.

Everyone must experience that feeling, the feeling of being confused about your parent. Then, have ever you. at least once, asked yourself about the feeling of your father and mother ?

We all admit that at early ages, we were still childish and reckless. We were not matured enough to see through everythings. It’s not our fault to blame !

However, most importantly, time will tell. When you’re a bit older, you have family, particularly, children, you will understand your parent’s mind. It’s so complicated to grasp by few words !

Because, written words can not fully describe the preciousness of parenthood, hopefully, the short film below will transfer to you the meaningful message of love.

“Mom doesn’t love me”

A moving story throughout the whole life of a man whose mother died of heart disease. When he was still a little boy, he always thought that his mother didn’t give him the love that he was deserved. That he has talent of painting was completely ignored by his mother. That good son never asked for a thing, a birthday cake like any other children, a computer which was necessary for his study and passion. After so many times of feeling upset about his mother, he was so frustrated that he told the mother to live by herself. !

“Mom, you don’t know what i’m doing, you don’t care !”

That seems to be easy to understand when that boy was still a boy. It happened when he received a call announcing about his mother’s disease – heart disease. He completely fell down.

After his mother’s death, the son is now an old man, sitting in front of the altar and commemorating his mother’s property. He was shocked when finding the box carrying a lot of saving money such as insurance, tuition fee and computer. But there was no money for computer because, he remembered the saying of his mother: “I can not afford a computer “. That was a true confession, but he was too disappointed to listen to it.

Giving love when your heart’s still beating

What is he feeling now ? Missing, yes. Regretting, absolutely ! Then what can he do now, to his mother ? nothing !.

So, to every sons and daughter in this world, giving love to your parent as long as their hearts are still beating !

This story had more than 2 millions views on Youtube and received a host of beautiful comments:

“This makes me realise how lucky we all are no matter who you live with someone always will love you the same way your mum did.”

Young adult/late teen son kissing his mother on the cheek.

“Why do we realize what we did wrong to others only when they die I wish there was some other way,some better way to live our life and love our life and the people in it.”

“All it takes is a second to smile at your son and say “Great work”! A moment to show him that you care! Kids needs love and understanding. As a mother, she should know better. Now it is too late. She also created guilt and regret for her son.” – However, there’s still objection of the mother’s behaviors, which is pretty true.

“Every mom loves her son or daughter even if they don’t buy them what they want”

“I cried a lot…and I understood that we must respect to the things that we already have”

Watching the short movie:

Source : FeedTV