Recently, a father took his son to play hockey. The boy appeared eager and rolled over on the training ground. What is special is that the boy’s father has attached the microphone to the boy. His father recorded the whole sound of the boy. Besides, he tooke a video. We have a video of the boy’s training. We will discover the lovely things of the boy. Let’s see what the boy said.

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Like father, like son! Hockey coach and father Jeremy Rupke has a four-year-old son named Mason who is starting to learn how to play the sport

Mic him up! He attached a microphone to the little boy during practice recently

Starting out: Mason is still getting the hang of skating and is being taught basic skills

‘I wondered what he’s thinking out there, so I mic’d him up,’ Jeremy explained in the viral video, which has been viewed over 3.3 million times on YouTube so far.

As the clip begins, Jeremy is seen shoving the mic in Mason’s pocket before directing him out onto the ice — prompting his son to ask why his dad is ‘shoving that in my pocket’.

It becomes immediately clear why Jeremy was so curious about his boys thoughts.

From the beginning, Mason is less interested in skating and hitting pucks with the other kids, and more interested in laying down on the ice, kicking his feet casually behind him.

He crawls across the rink, and while the other boys skate around him, he starts to roll on his side.

Woohoo! He spent a lot of time not skating but rolling and crawling around on the ice — and narrating it

Is that a team chant? He also spouted some nonsense, like: ‘Let me go, you old fat can’

Kids! Most of what he said had no logical explanation

He doesn’t actually start playing until later, when the group is temporarily kicked off the ice so the Zamboni can smooth the ice.

While off on the side, he decides to practice by hitting a piece of garbage around with his stick.

Back on the ice, Mason skates a bit with the group and also to himself, yelling out bits of nonsense and saying them to himself.

At one point, he calls ‘Happy Halloween’ even though it was mid-February when the video was recorded.

Talking himself through skating, he can be heard saying to himself: ‘one, two, one, two.’

He counts his paces, and when he’s managing OK he giggles and yells, ‘I’m doing it!’

But as he waits in line with the other kids for the first drill, Mason gets impatient, skating away from them and falling down.

Yum! Mason mostly seemed excited to be going to McDonald’s afterward

Catch some z’s! While laying down on the ice, he proclaimed that he was going to take a nap

Way to go! While particularly proud of himself, he said, ‘Oh, that’s good’

After falling again, he says to himself, ‘I’m gonna have a nap.’

But he doesn’t give up completely, and continues to give himself encouragement as he skates.

At one point, though, he falls again and says to no one in particular, ‘Let me go, you old fat can.’

Other things he says to himself — when there’s no one else within a few feet of him — incclude, ‘I’m gonna grow a party,’ ‘I’m gonna do so fast,’ ‘My legs are tired,’ ‘Criss cross apple sauce,’ and ‘I wanna go BaDonalds.’

The video wraps up when practice ends, after Mason has made it clear that he’s tired and over it. But as he walks out, he cheerfully calls to the other kids,’See you later everyone!

Adorable: A lot of the stuff that Mason said was to himself, with no one else around

Pep talk! He already seems good at rebounding when he falls, telling himself, ‘I’m OK, it’s OK’

Good tactic! He also counted out his steps while practicing his skating

Watch for a laugh! The funny video has already been viewed more than three million times

Then, he turns his attention to his father: ‘Dad, I love you so much!

Mason, who started learning hockey in October, has won plenty of fans for his on-the-rink antics.

‘The entire six minutes you posted was just precious. When he said “I love you dad” and the end I think my heart melted. Thanks for making twitter better!’ wrote one woman.

‘That cracked me up when he said paint cans,’ a man commented.

Another added: ‘This was awesome. Cute as heck. Pure joy on ice.’

This is really an interesting video. Mason is lovely. In just a few minutes, we really loved the boy and gave him a lot of love. Follow us for more stories and other useful information. Thank you.