The boy is a good example of optimism.

Born without arms and legs, he continued to undergo surgery at the age of 1. Parents said that if they did not do so optimally, their son would experience pain and a series of other surgeries throughout his childhood. Deficiencies can make life difficult, but it can not stop the passion to football . The boy is constantly trying to live as normal as his peers and satisfy his love of football.

When he was born, he had no arms and legs. In addition, he suffers from many surgeries. His optimism and energy makes people touched. He is the inspired source for many people

As soon as the video of the boy was spread on social networks, he inspired to so many people. Many people are very touched when watching videos about the boy. The boy is a good example of optimism, survival and overcoming all difficulties. Watch the video and leave your comments as well as share to get more people inspired.

Watch video below:

Source : Healthybeautiful