Millions of viewers are attracted by her performance.

Flexibility art is an art form require hard work, perseverance as well as talent. Flexible artists need to practice when they are young and they suffer a lot of physical pain. To get a good performance for the audience is a lot of effort and time. For that reason, the quantity of flexible artists are reducing more and more. The sacrifice for art is always highly appreciated. However, the action of this girl makes people surprised. According to a recent video posted on social networks, this girl performs flexibly on the edge of the abyss. Millions of viewers are attracted by her performance. Everyone was nervous, worried that she might fall down.

Everybody also holds their breath to watch her performance.

Her “stage” is really too dangerous.

She maybe falls down at any time.

Flexible position as well as place of ” stage” is quite unique.

Just a unfocused minute, she can lose her life.

Watch video:

Source: Wetellstory