There is a village called Oymyakon, a village infamously famous for its low temperatures where kids are expected to attend all the lectures even when temperatures reach a troubling minus -52°C (-62°F). This Siberian village is one of the most coldest settlement on planet earth and it times it even drops to a low of -62°C (-80°F) during winters. So if we think our winters are cold and chilly just think again.

One of the coldest place in earth

A place in Siberia which is home to one of the most coldest settlement where surviving is an altogether different concept.

Temperatures drop below normal

We can’t imagine how people reside in such areas where the weather is so damaging and takes a toll on people big time.

Believe it to see it

We may rub this fact off saying where on earth does it happen and then you see the thermometer mark right there and you are left wondering.

Even then students have school

No matter how tough the conditions students are still expected to attend the classes i guess they want their students to learn the harsh realities of life pretty soon

They of course don’t need it

Owing to such low temperatures the fishes in the market don’t even need refrigeration the outside air itself is enough to keep it cool and not let it rot.

And then there a select few

We are not sure what exactly is on their mind when they tried doing this, we may still make sense of them visiting this location as a place of their choice but to do this is something unimaginable.

Make it creative

When you pull off something incredible you want to shout out loud to the world saying, “I really did take pictures of the ballerina outside in minus 41°C, and it’s not photoshopped”

River has ice no water

Kheium meaning “unfrozen patch of water; a place where fish spend the winter” it derives its name from Oymyakon River.

Even it gave up

When weather hits an all-time low there is not much one could do apart from surrendering and that is exactly what this poor electronic thermometer did too.

People still reside here

Even after all these difficulties people still chose to stay there our respect for them.

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