Love is like a fresh air, it comes and goes but its existence never ends. This artist better known as Emanuel Apraku. He portrayed this illustration which depicts the true meaning of love and the daily cute struggle with your significant other. They have a unique personality in showcasing the simple love between two person and each picture reveals different story. Well even looking into the pictures will make you fall in love again.

Cooks together

Being in love is one of the best feeling but love only last when you stick through thick and thin times with each other. A compatible partner will always help you, care for you and even cook for you.

Comfort zone

After a tireful day, you prefer a solace in your partners arms because the only thing that can make your hectic life into comfortable one. Well they are the comfort zone.


In relationship, you prefer a partner who can love you wholeheartedly and pamper you like no one else. So even if tries to pamper you simple thing, those little things matters the most for a girl.

Wild romance

Well you might lip bite or even buzz of in your dreamland because the most memorable thing which reminds of you that wild romance and intimacy between you significant other.

Irritating one

Love is not only about intimacy or romance but sharing is also important in any relationship. Well you try to adjust or sometimes comprises with your partner when it’s about sharing, if he or she shares you their favourite food then they are the one. But its kind a playful thing to irritate your partner.

Forever young

Nowadays, we live in technology world where we only connected through phones, the love will only last when the relationship last forever. For him you would be his queen and still his queen even though grey hair touches you.


Love should not biased towards anyone, and even during pregnancy you need your beloved support who can take care for you and pamper you. And the most lovely he can do is to take care and love his unborn child.

Two can play the game

Man should always make some quite time to parent his child because that is the only thing a woman wants who can co parent it and even give her a some time for herself.

Role play

What you don’t about a relationship, that eating your favourite daily might make you bore but eating something different or varieties can lead to healthy lifestyle, which same applies to relationships. You can’t always have a same type of intimacy or romance as you need some sort of varieties which can boost your romance.

Dream come true

A girl’s only dream is to get married with their most beloved person. And even expecting him to propose her. Because for them you are the only person who can support her through difficult times. This artist surely portrayed the reality of every relationship.

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Source: Genmice