Photographs speak a million words and these photos clicked by ace photographers (professional and otherwise) will stun you. Infact these photos have shaped the way the world is today and influenced a lot of opinions from their times. Let us revisit them today!


Refugee crisis and inhumanity have plagued our planet since long now. When three year old Aylan Kurdi’s dead body washed up from the Mediterranean Sea, it was a stark reminder of the dark ages that had gripped the world. The photo was taken on 2nd September 2015 by journalist Nilufer Demir. It went viral across the world and forced governments to respond to the crisis. This undoubtedly could be the most iconic photos representing the world tragedies that are taking place even today!


War takes away more than we imagine and if not people, it takes away memories and emotions. When Terri Gurrola, a military doctor who was deployed in Iraq for a year, walked to the airport gate that morning, she was sure her daughter would have forgotten her. Afterall, she had left her when she was a mere 3 years old…how much could a child remember? So when she got off the flight at Atlanta and heard Gaby, now much older, screaming out for Terri, She melted!

“I was crying tears of joy for the fact that Gaby hadn’t forgotten me. When I finally came up for air, I saw that every single person in that airport was crying, too. Men, women – I kid you not: they were all just bawling.”


If the previous picture was of getting back a loved one, this one is of letting go of one. The little boy tries to hold on to his fathers hands just as his dad is summoned. Its a whole different world out there, and families of army men are the only ones who will truly understand what pain is! This classic photo was taken by Claude P. Dettloff in New Westminster, Canada, on October 1, 1940.


Zanjeer means border or the line in Hindi and this little one here was a brave hero who crossed many a lines, and put his life in danger for the city of Mumbai way back in 1993 when it was gripped with tensions. Zanjeer the sniffer Labrador, saved thousands of lives during the serial bomb blasts that shook Mumbai India in Mach 1993. The dog detected more than 600 detonators, 3,329 kgs of RDX, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. Zanjeer was buried with full police honors in 2000.


The Hitler’s era is sparked with a lot of apprehensions, violence and upheavals. The Nazi gatherings at Nuremburg became a regular feature from 1933. This is one such massive gathering of Hitler’s supporters at Nuremburg in 1937. The photograph has been attributed to one of Hitler’s personal photographers and we certainly can see why!


Humans have always been curious creatures, thus their curiosity about life on planet was nothing new. The Spirit (2004) Opportunity (2004) and Curiosity (2012) are Mars Rovers launched by NASA and still operational on the red planet. However, the Spirit got trapped in sand and functioned as stationary rover. Communications ceased in 2011 but the latter two rovers have provided incredible insight of Mars and are still operational. This is a photo taken by the Spirit rover in 2005 of a sunset on the horizon of Mars.And here we were chasing sunsets on planet Earth!


How many times do you know you are doing things that no one has ever done before? Well, this man certainly did, and if anything his smile shows the contentment he must have felt after the long haul!

Amidst photos of his moon walk and footprint of the moon photo, this photo of Neil Armstrong smiling after his little walk on the moon is historic!


The Tsunami in Japan not just destroyed civilization, but also ruined emotions, memories and hopes forever in the country. This woman wails as she sits amidst a chaos of destruction created by the ever powerful and menacing nature.

Akane Ito, 29, had just gone out to buy batteries and emergency supplies after the magnitude 9 earthquake struck Japan. She left her 10 pet dogs in her second floor apartment but when she returned the tsunami had destroyed the building whose rubble can be seen behind her. She was reunited with two of her dogs in the next few weeks but never ever found the others.


The WWII changed a lot of things for the world, but primarily for its own fighters. Belarus Konstantin Pronin was 86 when this photo was taken. A World War II veteran, he would come every year to Moscow to participate in the parade along with his mates. But on May 9th 2011, He was seen sitting in Gorky Park alone waiting for them to turn up but none of them showed up and they were presumably deceased. Pronin was the only surviving member of his unit.


The Holocaust considered to be the darkest times in human history, and these photos are witness to several inhuman Nazi crimes. This is a member of the elite SS Death Squad called Einsatzgruppe in the process of shooting a Jewish man. The cruel emotional methods employed by the squad didn’t spare people even before death where men like the one in the photo were made to kneel before mass graves before being shot in the head. This photo was taken in Vinnitsa, Ukraine in 1941. All the Jews living in Vinnitsa were massacred by the Nazis.

Source: Genmice