Marriage life is a whole different ball game where relationship dynamics change a bit. It’s a common fact that women love shopping, and sometimes, they drag their man on their shopping sprees. For some, it seems like the end of romance and especially for these men who had to slump down on a couch or on a recliner in a shop while their spouses went shopping. Nothing seems to be more miserable than this tear-inducing sight, so much so that it spawned an Instagram account. This Instagram account called miserable men is solely dedicated for the poor souls who had to go through shopping hell. Here are some glimpses of them in shopping hell. You’ve been warned – it’s pretty saddening, albeit hilarious.

1. This Poor Soul Had Nowhere To Sit, So He Made Do With Simply Squatting On The Floor

2. This Is Just The Beginning Of An Endlessly Long Queue Of Men Sharing A Common Interest

3. Some Things Don’t Change Even After Centuries

4. He Wants To Scream, But Went With A Wide Yawn Instead!

5. Those Tears Are Flowing And You’re Still Waiting

6. Reminiscing Of The Good Old Days

7. Two Different Generations Bound By A Common Dilemma

8. Lost All Hope On Life

9. Tried And Tested, And Is On Sale. Man Not Included

10. “Will This Ever End?”

11. The Wait Is Endless

12. Reconsidering His Life Choices

13. I’m Just Trying To Fit In

14. When You See The Future And It’s Even More Gloomy

15. When Does It End? No One Knows

16. Is He Even Breathing?

17. Throw Caution To The Wind, And Do It In Style!

18. It’s Called The Waiting Game!

19. The Dog’s Been Roped In, Too!

20. Knocked Out Cold

Source :Humormeetscomics