A few decades ago, there was a belief that nerds and geeks can’t get laid. Perhaps this was true, back in those dark ages. The good news is that today, due to how mainstream gaming and using the Internet has become, nerds are more popular than ever. In fact, this story is going to feature 15 different “nerds” that show the whole world that for them, getting laid is in fact magnificently easy. You have to wonder what the secret to their success is.

Not Afraid to Touch Her

A lot of geeks in the were made fun of getting afraid to touch girls while posing for a photo with them -that kind of gesture, of being next to a girl but not touching her was called the “hover hand.” Check this guy out though – he is not “hover handing” this hot girl.

Being Overweight Is Not a Problem

Just being good at computers was considered a handicap many years ago, today that’s not a problem. Not only that but even the worse option – being an overweight geek, is not a problem anymore, which you can quickly confirm by looking at the above photo.

Men Are From Mars

You know the old saying, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” Well, that quote was obviously written for the photo of this couple – just look at how different they both look. They are like two beings from different planets.

They Are Wearing Matching T-Shirts

A long time ago, even wearing a matching t-shirt with your friends or girl was considered a crime, meaning you would get labeled as a geek and never get laid. Not any more though – just look at how happy the guy in the above photo is.

Hooters Loves Geeks

Perhaps adding Hooters to this list was not fair, as anyone can pay to get attention from women, but still, it is a nice sight, just seeing how happy this guy is from having the ability to pose with this many beautiful and sexy girls.

He Is Having the Time of His Life

Here is a photo of a cute little guy, who is obviously having the time of his life. He is happy beyond all means since he is hugging and taking a photo with girls, one of whom is even giving him an “air kiss.” This is a very cute photo.

A World-Class Nerd

Here is a guy, who is also extremely happy to be posing with a beautiful and sexy girl. He is going one with wrong though – he is doing the dreaded “hover hand,” which you can easily spot on the girl’s torso, as he is not touching her. He is just hovering next to her body.

Big Enough For All the Girls

Here is a continuation of the previous Hooters photo session. This one features a different nerd, who although is quite large and not sharply dressed, is still posing with a lot of hot Hooters girls. Sadly, he is doing the hover hand, just like the previous guy.

He Didn’t Expect the Kiss

Here is another funny photo of a young geeky boy, who was celebrating his birthday, when, out of nowhere, one of his schoolmates jumped out and kissed him on the cheek. Just take a look at the above photo and how shocked he is by the kiss he received.

Defining Swagger

Here is a picture of an ultra-cool nerd who is posing in such a way with two hot girls, that some say that he has even re-defined what swagger means. Another interesting thing to note is the photobombing done by the dude with a mustache.

Hitting the Dance Floor

This young dude was not afraid of hitting the dance floor with his girl. That is how all geeks should be free to behave – no matter how they look, or how they are dressed, or if they are overweight – they should be free to express themselves just like all the other people can.

Who Said Nerds Can’t Make Out

Some people think that because nerds are inexperienced and shy, that they have no idea how to make out or French kiss with a girl. The dude on the above photo clearly shows that to be a very wrong thing to believe – just look at him go.

He Doesn’t Care What Other People Think

Here is a photo of what may be the coolest looking geek in today’s series. Not only is he posing with three sexy girls, but he also has excellent posture and is smiling as if he is “lording” the place. Imagine him without the glasses, and he is even handsome to look at

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