Making money is not an easy task and to buy stuff from leisure brands like BMW, you need a lot of money. Some people spend their entire life to earn enough to afford a BMW car whereas even after working for an entire life, some people fail to do that. But meet this 12 year old who has already made enough to buy herself a BMW car!

At 12?

Before we tell you this entire story, we want you to answer one question very honestly. How were you like when you were 12 years old? Did you know what you were gonna end up becoming once you grow up? Well, if the answer is No, you had a very normal childhood just like other kids! Well, here’s a 12-year-old girl is doing a lot that we could ever think at 12.

The Expensive gift!

The 12-year-old, Natthanan is from Thailand. She has recently gifted herself a BMW sedan on her birthday using her own money. Yes, you read that absolutely right! This 12 year old can very well afford such a luxury car!

Influential make Up Artist!

This little girl hasn’t really finished her studies but is making big money for herself! Natthanan is one of the most influential make up artists in Thailand, wait, in the world for that matter!

At 7!

Little Natthanana first shot to stardom at the age of 7 when she found her passion for makeup. She started this without any professional course on make up or something. However, later she went on to learn a professional makeup course to become a professional artist.

Increasing Popularity!

In 2018, she was featured in BBC. Now you can think about how popular the girl is! Ever since her popularity is increasing as she routinely posts makeup tutorials on her social media. She’s got a lot of fans and followers who regularly follow her work!


This is not it, following her increasing popularity, the 12-year-old girl was also selected as the makeup artist for London Fashion Week 2018. Now this is a huge thing because a lot of popular and experienced make up artists also don’t get a chance to be a part of such a prestigious event! This girl is surely an inspiration!

Source: Bloggersarena