Capturing one of those rare things is quite a difficult task but this British photograph took two years to capture all of those rare species which are rare and one of those endangered ones. Thus, this pictures which turn out to be the best one and kept our heart pounding. It showed us the beauty of nature and also a reminder for humans to respect our mother earth.

1. Philippine Eagle

British photographer captured one of the topmost endangered species which gives mesmerizing photos that will surely melt your heart. Philippine Eagle with extraordinary features are very rare, and only 600 left. They are the national bird of the Philippines. .

2. Iberian Lynx

With such rare name and quite different from rest of the cats, this one with a unique name that managed to bring the Iberian Lynx population up to 100 to 326 cats in the wild.

3. Ring-Tailed Lemur

According to the year of 2017, there are only 2000 of ring-tailed lemur left into the wild due to loss of habitation, poaching, and hunting.

4. Red Panda

Red pandas are quite rare to find and the population was also very minimum due to their shy and secretive nature. According to the list, it was calculated that there are approx 10,000 red pandas left but also have a decrease in population day by day.

5. Fireflies

It is a treat to watch and quite mesmerizing even in the dark, but the numbers have been decreasing day by day. During the past few years, it has habitat loss and pesticides has caused a major pivotal role in bringing the population down to zero in selective areas.

6. Saiga

These species have a rare and different feature which stand out from all of the endangered animals but it has taken a huge toll on the population which is declining every year. As of 2010, it reached up to 12,000 that had a mass declination of Saiga species in Kazakhstan.

7. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

It is very rare to find such beauty and this unique monkey which was found in southwestern China and the approx population was about 8,000 to 15,000 left in to wild.

8. Shoebill

With such a unique name and features, this species was found in Eastern Africa. And the estimated population was about 5,000 to 8,000 left into the wild.

9. Indian Gharial

Declination of fishes and various unique species due to the loss of habitat which is affecting this unique creature and the population that had to decrease up to 235 individuals.

10. Pied Tamarin

They are the beauty of nature which is only found in selective areas, but this one is found in the city of Manus, Brazil which continued to expand its animal territory. It is still unknown of the actual count of its population. But the approx are 170 tamarins throughout the world.

Source: Bloggersarena