The father daughter acrobatic duo take on an incredibly difficult feat. Believe me, this is insane !

One moment of being distracted, driver almost lost his life because of direct hit in the truck Hot girl of Thailand’s Got Talent ” performed rap song so excellent that judges hastily pressed the gold button for the final Admire the beatbox skills of a primary schoolboy.

Watching the performance:

Not only the audience but also the judges can not witness the whole performance without the fear of making minor mistakes.

This performance at America’s Got talent turned the audience into an excited crowd. A father and his daughter created a stage to be remembered ever after.

The father lifted his daughter with only one arm. Not only that, the girl even rotated herself in the air with an unbelievable balance.

The tipping point came when the father stepped into a high ladder and that he just stood there made everyone gasp for his incredible braveness and talent.

However, obviously, these are well-prepared performance of professional trainers. They have been circus performers for years and, most importantly, they have experience and skills. So bear in your mind that do not ever try this at home !