Drinking is not a bad habit but it is also not a healthy habit when it affects your body. So here we have thoroughly research about the effects of drinking alcohol and what happens when you halt your drinking habit through this article. Moreover, if you are regular drinker try this 28 days challenge to see the effects into your body.

Food After Alcohol

After drinking alcohol we feel an intense increase in our appetite where the people usually eat way more than they usually are but they feel instinctive to eat food. Whereas food without a drink can only make us crave for food more and more and alcohol can only increase our blood sugar level high.


It is very difficult to get a quality of sleep after quitting drinking habit whereas alcohol has that effects that it literally makes you fall asleep. Your body reacts after quitting drinking as there is some important function inside your body that takes time to recover.

Body Organs

The liver begins to revive after quitting alcohol and their organ starts to work but in slow motion. Whereas regular alcohol might make your skin dry which leads to the appearance of pigment spots and early wrinkles.

Will Power

Alcohol increases the gastric problem that makes the drinkers to eat more. And people who have quit drinking take time to recover and get social with people as it takes a week for them to control and bring back the enthusiastic in their life.


There is a sign for drinking much amount of alcohol like you get dark circles under your eyes and your face swells but eventually, it disappears when your urinary systems starts functioning. Once alcohol is out of your system you will feel light headed and normal which makes you easier to wake.


There is a high risk of getting cavities while drinking alcohol regularly, where it might affect your teeth. But in other circumstances, if you don’t drink alcohol you have a lower risk of having cavities and your tooth enamel becomes stronger and whiter.

Source: Bloggersarena