What’s the strangest thing you can do with a dessert? Jason Biggs’ American Pie character Jim Levenstein showed the world exactly that in the 1999 movie, leaving jaws on the floor and people rolling around the aisles, with tears of laughter falling down their faces.

So successful was American Pie, that it would go on to spawn three official sequels, as well as a number of spinoffs. There has even been talk of yet another sequel, given the incredibly unique working title of American Pie 5.

Biggs wasn’t only the big name to be a part of the American Pie franchise, though. The movies also included the likes of Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Alyson Hannigan, and Jennifer Coolidge. While we’ve recently heard of some of the stars and what they’ve been getting up to, there are also some that we’ve not seen for some time.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to go back and take a look at the most prominent characters from the American Pie series, looking at how they appeared in the very first movie, and seeing how much they’ve changed over the decades.

Jason Biggs – “Jim Levenstein”

Chris Klein – “Chris Ostreicher”

Thomas Ian Nicholas – “Kevin Meyers”

Eddie Kaye Thomas – “Paul Finch”

Alyson Hannigan – “Michelle Flaherty”

Natasha Lyonne – “Jessica”

Tara Reid – “Vicky Lathum”

Seann William Scott – “Steve Stifler”

Mena Suvari – “Heather”

Shannon Elizabeth – “Nadia”

Eugene Levy – “Jim’s Dad”

Jennifer Coolidge – “Stifler’s Mom”

Chris Owen – “Chuck Sherman” aka “The Sherminator”

Source : Forexx-fe