You may not believe how the length of your pinky finger can describe your personality and what type of person you are. But it can! According to renowned palmists everywhere, the length of your pinky can actually show you the type of person you are and the personality traits you have.

There are three main types of people, Type A, Type B, and Type C. Take a close look at your pinky, choose the type you are, and read on to find out more about your personality based on the length of your little finger!


  • You have an amazing heart and are always willing to lend a hand to those in need.
  • You hate lies, dishonesty, and insincerity because it goes against everything you believe in.
  • You carefully guard your feelings and do not open up easily to strangers.
  • You sometimes act stronger and more open-minded than you really are. However, once
  • you get close to someone and trust them, you become much more open and expressive.
  • Your eyes are very expressive and you wear your heart on your sleeve.
  • You do not like stupid people and can be somewhat odd and arrogant at times.
  • You are a very hard worker and will always finish every task put upon you, even the ones that are boring and unfulfilling.


  • You easily stay calm and collected in the middle of chaos and disorder.
  • You do not approach new people easily. You are somewhat shy and aloof in the beginning.
  • Your soul is very subtle, although you don’t always show this.
  • You are a dedicated and faithful partner in your romantic relationships. You always give
  • your loved one 100% of your love and devotion and think about them constantly.
  • When you set your mind on something you stay dedicated to seeing it through to the end.
  • You are well-known for your ability to keep secrets. You will even play dumb when you know the truth, in order to protect the feelings of another.
  • You are very afraid of being hurt. You may act like you don’t need anyone, but you always dream that you will find your soul mate.


  • You never hold a grudge against those who have wronged you.
  • You are often described as an easy-going person and you get along well with everyone.
  • You remain respectful of the opinions of others, even when you disagree with them.
  • You don’t enjoy surprises. You are very uncomfortable when you don’t know what is going to happen.
  • You try to keep your concerns and problems to yourself as much as possible. This can cause a ripple of disturbance with your partner, as they often do not know what is troubling you.
  • You are a straight-shooter and like to tell it like it is. You don’t sugar-coat your words and prefer the company of those who do the same. You want to be around those you consider honest and authentic.
  • You have an ego that can be domineering and you can quickly become worked up when you get into an argument. However, you are also the first one to apologize after the discussion is over.



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How You Make A Fist Says A Lot About Your Personality. Find Out What

Many people aren’t aware of this, but the way you make your fist says a lot about your personality.

In this article, we will be revealing what makes you, you. How you interact with your environment, your temperament and what it is that makes you tick.

Now, this is more suited for the general populace and not the few anomalies.

And so with this being said, I would request that you simply clench your fists and then keep reading to know yourself.

#1 Type A

Now, look at your clinch fists to see if what you see on the screen matches what you are doing with your hand. If there is a match, then know that this shows that you are gentle by nature. You are also a very empathic and sensitive soul. Your ability to understand the emotional state of people gives you an easy gateway into their world.

And if you know of this ability and use it frequently, then I wouldn’t be far off if I said you are very good with people and even animals. Even when you are meeting them for the first time.

On the flip side, you tend to get sucked into the drama of negative people, and so you find yourself feeling very uncomfortable being in a toxic environment or relationship.

This leads to a lot of such people referring to you as being too soft or overly sensitive.

But don’t be bothered by that, although this might be hard to believe you aren’t the one with problems.

Now, another trait that you have is that you don’t seem to know if you are an introvert or extrovert. And this is because you have characteristics of both personalities.

As much as you a social person who has no problem connecting with people, you also tend to recoil into yourself to regain your composure and energy. You are okay with people but have no problems being alone.

You also can be very impatient whenever you are trying to achieve a goal, and so you often find yourself having a tough time with challenges and delays. Patience and resilience is something that you have to learn and develop consciously.

As for your relationship with people you have to be guarded against people who will spot your personality type and proceed to take advantage of you.

#2 Type B

Clenching your fists in this manner shows that you are one with a lot of charm and charisma. You are also very talented too.

Being that talented and out there makes you a very public person. When it comes to the way to see the world, many would regard you as being very ambitious. Although you have no problems with that, you could come off as someone who is selfish because of your approach to chasing your dreams.

But you are also strong-willed and determined to get whatever it is that will make you happy, and so you don’t really care what others feel about your drive and passion.

#3 Type C

If your fist matches this, then you are an introvert. You are very comfortable in keeping to yourself. Being alone gives you joy and doesn’t scare you.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you don’t hang out with friends from time to time. You do value friendship a lot and love being in the company of your buddies – although they are often very few.

You don’t let too many people in because you are scared of drama. People with drama are very unpredictable and volatile, and so that puts you in a situation where you don’t feel in control of your environment, and that scares you.

So you are very sensitive to phony people and would rather like simple and stable honest folk as friends.

And even with your tight circle of friends and family, you like to stay away for a while to be by yourself. That is a very big deal for you and whoever tries to invade your private space is often seen as the enemy.

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