Ice cold water may seem as great refreshment during the hot, summer days; however it is actually very bad for your health. Next time you want to drink a glass of cold water stop and remember the things you are going to read in the following article. We are going to explain it to you thoroughly about the adverse effects of this habit on your health.

Imagine diving in a freezing cold mountain lake. You may start feeling cold just by thinking about it. What would happen to your body and skin once you jump in the defrosted lake?

Warm water causes the skin to become loose and soft and it opens the pores. Cold water does the exact opposite thing; it shrinks the pores and tightens the skin. Drinking cold water, on the other hand has the same effects on your digestive tract.

This is what cold water does to your body

Why is drinking warm water better?

  • It enables maximum hydration
  • Improves digestion – the digestive enzymes are more stimulated
  • Improves food metabolism
  • Enables proper blood cleansing
  • Makes bowel movement easier ( drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning)
  • Improved detoxification through the skin, kidneys and lymphatic system

Drinking warm water is something you need to get used to; however once you do you will be amazed from the benefits it provides. This can also stop sugar cravings completely.

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Source: Dailyhealthgen.