This baby can do anything, ranging from crying, screaming, sleeping to breaking out of her ‘prison’.

Babies sometimes have actions that we could not figure them out. They may cry or scream or run around without any reason.

” Look mom ! “

Their behaviors are so adorable that they make us burst into laughters all the time. Babies are lovely, that’s true.

Just like this baby girl in this clip, he seemed to be too bored when he had to stay inside cradle all day. So look what he decided to do !

” Nobody can see me because i’m too fast ! “

He would act as if he was in ‘Prison break’ series ! How cute !

But wait, he was going to play alone, he climbed into his sister’s cradle. He must love his sister so much.

” Hello sis, do you want to go outside and play with puppets ? “

He was a spiderman – baby version. After his clip was posted online on his mother’s Facebook account, it received thousands of likes and shares. Many people showed their love to this adorable baby.

Watching video:

Source : Feedytv