We are all used to scrolling through Tinder screenshots of rejection gone wrong to the point of our thumbs going sore. Yet when the subject for rejection is a “nice girl”, things get a little spicer.

If you have been living underneath a rock for the last few years, consider yourself lucky this time that you have not heard about or even have come across a “nice girl” yourself. A ” nice girl” is fundamentally a female that tries to justify her endless amounts of rejection by assuming all men prefer only promiscuous girls over her. That she is “too ugly to worry about cheating on you!!!” and posts passive aggressive posts on social media like “I cAnT BeLievE hE chOSe hER, I BeT shE caNt evEN cOok” to bandaid her withering self esteem. I think we both get the picture quite clearly.

Now combine an unfortunate series of Tinder screenshots and a “nice girl” eventual rejection and we get a perfect recipe for disaster.

Enjoy the following array of screenshots of our in-house “nice girl” Samantha who strikes on her next victim after he duly noted that he started to see someone else when they matched, so he did not lead her on.

Four messages in a row with no response, a bit clingy but innocent enough…

I don’t trust anyone who uses that smiling purple devil emoji un-ironically. Period.

Dumber than a box of rocks. Need I say more?

In all seriousness if you’re with someone or know someone who says that they’re going to hurt themselves over you please revaluate your relationship with them and get them help. it’s extremely toxic and manipulative. Now lets continue…

Uhh. Yikes.

As if you haven’t already blocked her tbh.


No Samantha hun, that’s just you.

Wow love that for him x

Literally the source of nightmares.

Source: Eyesonoz