Internet and social media have a great impact in today’s world. Although everything has it’s own pros and cons and internet and social media to have them. With its usefulness internet has many bad impacts too. But what’s better than a homeless getting a place to live. And we are talking about the man who lived in a small wooden box where he could not even sit properly. But now he got home all because people got to know about his story after her photograph went viral over the internet. Know his story if you haven’t read the previous post about him: Viral Pictures Of Old Man Living In A Small Box Is Heartbreaking

Xylenejoy Siarot shared the old man’s photo on social media who was living in a small wooden box. The picture was really heartbreaking. The picture went viral over the internet and many people had their sympathy with the old man. And what more good would have happened than this that he got a new place to live which he can call his home.

People approached him and helped him and provided him with food and a new shelter where he can liver properly and in a better condition. It’s ironical that if he has a family they did not take care of him but the strangers just by knowing the old man’s condition went to help him.

Though Xylenejoy Siarot was being criticized by some people for he shared the old man’s picture but did not help him. But whatever may be the reason that he could not help the old man he got successful. The motive with which he shared the old man’s story got its way and the old man got a far more good place to live.

Source : noonecares