This happens only once in 200 million. Becki-Jo Allen living in Liverpool, England has a beautiful daughter, Indiana. Allen was pregnant after a few years, and when she was informed by the doctors that she was expecting a triplet, the again to be a mother was shocked as well as excited!

Allen was blessed with three adorable babies and she named them Roman, Rocco, and Rohan. The kids were born premature and had to spend six weeks in the intensive care unit! Allen was told by every other person that the three kids looked identical. So she finally decided to send their DNA samples to be tested!

Not just in looks, but they are pretty similar in expressions as well! Adorable!

It was revealed that her triplets looking identical to each other are as ordinary as one in 200 million. The babies were born premature and were very small. The youngest out of the three, Rocco weighed just 1.49 kilograms.

Allen, initially herself found it difficult to identify which one was which. The triplets have dark birthmarks in between their eyebrows, but Roman is a bit darker than the others. Allen shared that Rohan has a birthmark on his leg as well.

It was difficult for everyone to distinguish the kids. Allen was told at the hospital that the triplets were non-identical. She believed the same as she was told the same thing throughout her pregnancy. But things weren’t the same.

The only way to find out that whether triplets or twins are identical is DNA testing- medically termed as zygosity determination. The triplets turned out genetically identical after their cheek swabs were tested in a laboratory.

Did your heart just melt?

The DNA Reports made it crystal clear that the kids are identical, genetically.

This has made the triplets the youngest of naturally conceived sets of identical triplets in the UK.

Source : noonecares