There are many places in the world which looks beautiful from afar but unsafe from the inside. There are many tourist who reported the cases about things which happened to him. Well, you must be thinking that there are many countries which are not even safe but these countries have topped the chart of being the most unsafe so lets take a look into which country is in the list.


There are numerous countries which are not even safe for women or anyone but here we have listed some countries which have been rated as the most unsafe countries for the people and travelers. Nigeria is a crowded place but there is tension presence in this country because of ‘BOKO HARAM’ that is the main reason behind this. The ‘HARAM’ means forbidden for the people of its state to participate in any activities of the western society.


Columbia looks beautiful from afar but inside there is a quest of power that is the reason why powerful people and some organizations are fighting against each other.


This place looks so peaceful from afar but it is the place where a various organization like Al Qaida are being rooted here troubling the life of innocent people there.


Pakistan has been ranked as the number 4th on the list of the most unsafe place where the various organization is rooted here and because of them the people there are not safe there but they have to live there. Well, Pakistan is a beautiful place to visit but you have to be alert every time.


Here a majority of the place is stunning from the outside but you never know what it is inside like Venezuela where there is the high intensity of protest against the government and the people who are against the government that is leading the country into the bad light on the international platform.


Well, we thought Egypt is the place where we will mostly see pyramids and mummies but it is also a place where people stay there and it is the most beautiful place to visit whereas there is also a high level of movements and organization that are disrupting the peace of the people.


It is another country which is into the list of not any organization but because of the local gang rates. It is also one of the places where highest violence rates are being considered and there are many cases reported by the tourist about their visit to this place.

El Salvador

Central America is the place where mostly makes it to the list of the prime reason that there is major high intensity of tension between local gangs and government and there are most cases reported here by the tourist who visited that place.


There are various things going on this place and we are not saying these are places only with high intensity of violence but there are also places which are not in the list but they are in the list of 100. Apart from this the road condition are extremely poor where the drivers have to make an extra effort in their driving.


Well, most people are referring to Thailand as the place to visit unaware of the fact that it is also the unsafe place to visit. There are many things going on inside the country which we are unaware of like there are gang wars every time.

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