– MMK episode featuring the story of Berth Family elicited positive vibes

– Netizens were inspired by their story where the letter sender found true love despite her condition

– She was was born with dark, rough skin, bulging eyes and a facial deformity

Maalalaala Mo Kaya aired an episode entitled “Lotion” on February 23. Netizens were inspired by the story of Bernadette who was born with dark, rough skin, bulging eyes and a facial deformity.

This role was played by the award-winning indie stars Mary Joy Apostol while Meryll Soriano played the role of Bernadette’s mom.

Even her mom Jona (Meryll) believed that they were plagued by a curse. Bernadette grew up feeling unloved because even her mother seemed to hesitate to accept her. This made her seek love from other people until she got pregnant and was left by a man she loved.

She gave birth to a girl who inherited her skin condition. She then met Alexander through an online dating site. At first, she thought no one would like her because of how she looked.

Her condition did not affect Alexander’s intention to be with the woman he loves. The German National proposed to her and they got married.

When Bernadette and her daughter visited a dermatologist, there they learned to possibly have Crouzon Dermo Skeletal Syndrome. This condition involves premature fusion of the skull bones, which affects the shape of the head and face.

This story only proves that true love sees no color, no gender, no social status, no wealth, no race/ethnicity and that there’s more to beauty than just physical attributes. We are all beautiful because God created us.

Source: Kami.