Public transportation can get very stressful. Aside from the difficulty of finding comfort in any mode of public transportation, you also have to deal with different people every day. After a long hard day at work, the last thing you need is to have an encounter with the person sitting next to you on a bus or a jeep. In a recent Facebook viral, however, a commotion began between a bus conductor and a passenger.

Apparently, the passenger didn’t have money to pay for his fare. A netizen identified as Janno Cabatuan, caught the bus conductor punching the passenger repeatedly on the video.

Based on the netizen’s caption on the video, the man was rude to the bus conductor before he got punched.

“Ang sama naman kc nung naka red.. Wla na ngang pambayad.. Sasapakin pa ung mamang kunduktor.”

In the video, the conductor was first seen taking the other passengers’ payment. The passenger, wearing red, had his face close to the driver and was showing signs as if he was coming for the bus conductor.

The bus conductor eventually lost his patience and punched the passenger on the face repeatedly using his right fist.

Other passengers were in complete distraught due to the incident. They tried to calm them down and reminded them that they weren’t the only ones on the bus and that there were kids present.

Although it was a serious incident, netizens were still able to find hilarity on the viral video. Many of them joked that the passenger in red was the brother or relative of the sensational Berna Espinosa. Some also created UFC references by saying that the bus conductor won the match by a unanimous decision.

Watch video:

Source: manilaflash.