Accidents are unpredictable. No one can tell where, when or how a certain accident may occur. It also does not choose a certain person to be its victim.

When you are faced with an unexpected accident at an unexpected time, how can you possibly react? Will you run for your own life or will you also try to help others to the point of risking your own life just like what they do in the movies?

No one can be sure enough unless they are facing a certain situation that requires them to react at the very moment. These guys surely had no time to think of what to do next after this unexpected thing happened to them.

In a video that has made quite an alarm to most people on social media, a group of construction workers was first seen doing their usual routine at a construction site. The group was working on an upper floor of a building cementing and creating new walls for the second floor.

It all seemed fine and the work was going well until something no one expected occurred! The structure they were working on suddenly collapsed.

Everyone present in the vicinity no longer had the chance to save the people who were part of the collapsed area. In just a split of a second, nearly 50% of the second floor structure was no longer found.

Meanwhile, the rest of the workers went out of their way to try and save their co-workers who have been a victim of the unexpected collapse.

This should serve as a lesson to everyone to always take extra caution especially in construction sites. It is advised to always wear your safety gear while on the site so injuries could be lessened especially during a time where unforeseen accidents may occur.

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Source: trendszilla.