Seeing the result, young girl both cried and said, “I’m still young, my body is normal, why can I get cancer?”

It is known that this 20-year-old girl is a student at a university in China. Her identity hasn’t been revealed. Since her childhood, her health has always been good, even rarely she was sick. However, a few months ago she suddenly had severe abdominal pain when having menstruation with abnormal blood.

Her friend took her to the hospital to check. After that, they received shocking results from the doctor: HPV positive, HPV16 infection, HPV52 high risk – early stage of cervical cancer. Seeing the result, young girl both cried and said, “I’m still young, my body is normal, why can I get cancer?”..

After the doctors asked some questions related to daily life of the girl, they supposed that the main cause to disease might be from her regularly uses of toilet paper.

According to the patient, her family are in habit of using colorful toilet paper which smells like perfume. Therefore, after going to the city to study, she keeps using this kind of paper. Whenever she goes to the toilet, she takes toilet paper to use.

The doctor explains that the use of toilet paper containing chemicals such as bleach, dyes and artificial fragrances can do great harm to health. In particular, recycled paper, which already has a high concentration of bacteria, has a very high potential for toxicity. If people use this product many times, this can put the bacteria inside the body and cause inflammation.

Women who habitually use toilet paper to clean sensitive parts facilitating the penetration of chemicals into the “closed area”, which may lead to an increased risk of developing cervical cancer. Luckily, the young girl timely detected disease so she was treated promptly.

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Source: Feedytv